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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Free Agents that Weren't

We are now in July, so you know what that means.  Yes, NBA free agency.  The hot free agent by far is Lebron James.  He recently opted out of his final year in a five year contract.  Every team wants him but only a few teams are actually in the running for him.  The smart money should be bet on Miami or Cleveland, if I had to guess I'd say he is going back to Cleveland.  Another team that has a long shot of getting James is the Phoenix Suns.  The Suns are a team a lot of guys would want to play for.  The Suns can afford him and another superstar.  They already have a decent nucleus that lacks that "superstar", and they have a great young coach in Jeff Hornachec.  The Suns have also never won an NBA title, and in this day that may actually lure James to Phoenix.  Being able to say that you were the instrumental piece that brought Phoenix there first NBA title looks pretty good on your resume when you are being considered as the best player to ever play the game.  The Phoenix Suns have reached out to Lebron James agent, so the idea of him in Phoenix is real, it may not become a reality but here in Phoenix everyone is waiting to see what James is going to do.
The city of Phoenix isn't new to the idea of having the leagues best player.  The question is will it actually happen.  A few years ago Peyton Manning was a free agent and considered joining the Arizona Cardinals.  He visited Arizona before he signed with the Denver Bronco's. 
This is where the James situation gets familiar for fans in the state of Arizona.  We are always so close to getting the big name and then it doesn't happen.  If you need another example besides Peyton, google a pitcher with the last name Tanaka.  I think James and Manning's situation are so similar that Lebron won't come to Phoenix.  I think Lebron is just using Phoenix as a bargaining tool much like Manning did with the Cardinal's.  The other thing is Manning was never going to cone to the NFC and possible have to face his younger brother in the NFC title game. (I know wishful thinking)  The same goes for Lebron, the Eastern Conference is far more easier than the West.  Do you actually think Lebron will come to the West, where he'll have to face San Antonio before the NBA Finals?  I don't think so.  So while it's fun to imagine Suns fans get it all in now because in a few days this will all be over when Lebron resigns with either the Heat or the Cavs.

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