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Friday, July 11, 2014

Lebron To Cleveland.....Are You Serious?

Lebron James has finally decided where he is going to play next season.  He will play for the Cleveland Cav's.  After another long drawn out process he chose the Cav's over returning to the Miami Heat.  As expected Cleveland fans are excited and feel that their king has come home.  But I'm not sure that I like the idea of him returning to Cleveland.  To prove my point I have a story for you.
Years ago I knew a guy that had a smoking hot girlfriend.  He was extremely grateful that he was able to get such a beautiful girl that he showed it by worshiping the ground she walked on.  He did everything for her.  As time went on the relationship was decent, it wasn't good, it wasn't bad but it worked for them.  Then one day she decided things weren't working out.  She gave him the typical "it's not you it's me speech"  and said she "wanted to see other people".  My friend was heartbroken, but live goes on and so did he.  She spent the next few years in and out of relationships traveling the world and experiencing life.  But something wasn't right, see while she did all these wonderful things she just wasn't happy.  So one day my friend gets a call from the girl.  She explains to him all the experiences she had since him.  She told him that she missed and wanted him back.  My friend who hadn't had any luck with the ladies since she left took her back.  Like most people I thought my friend was a fool for taking her back.  So now I'm going to tell you my friends name.  His name is the Cleveland Cav's and his girlfriend is Lebron James.

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