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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It's been a long bumpy road for The Az Sports Guru, but I'm still here.  My blog has been around for nearly two years now and while it hasn't gone as well I'd like it to I'm still hopeful that my big break will come soon.  The reason for today's blog is this is my 100th blog.  I look back at the other 99 stories and hopefully like most of you I think, "I remember when that happened" or "that was a pretty good story". 
For the most part anything involving the number 100 is symbolic, rushing for 100 yards in football or scoring 100 points in basketball, and I hope one day this story will be symbolic as well.  Here are a few things symbolic in sports involving the number 100.
The first thing that probably jumps out is Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points in a game for the Philadelphia 76ers.  This was such an amazing feat that it will never be accomplished ever again.  Oh and by the way there are many people that say this actually never happened.  There wasn't film like there is now in the NBA so we just kind of go with the story.
Another amazing stat involving the number 100 is winning 100 games in a Major League Baseball season.  The season consist of 162 games making this a very difficult task.  To find the very first team to win 100 regular season games you have to go all the way back to 1905.  Not too surprising, but it was a team from New York, but not the Yankee's.  It was the New York Giant's, who now reside in San Francisco.  The Giant's finished that regular season 105-48 and dominated their way to a World Series win. 
Another amazing feat comes to us from the NFL.  It is rushing for a 100 yards in a game.  Nowadays with the amount of passing and a lot teams using two running backs this category has lost some of it's clout, but still remains a difficult task to accomplish in the NFL.  Many running backs have rushed for 100 yards but the guy that has done it the most shouldn't be much of a surprise.  From 1990 - 2004 Emmitt Smith rushed for a 100 yards 78 times.
There are many more accomplishments involving the number 100 and one day I hope to be one of those accomplishments.

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