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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kevin Durant: Most Valuable Pullout?

In case you haven't heard Kevin Durant has decided not to play for the United States in the upcoming FIBA World Cup of Basketball.  The NBA's reigning MVP has sited mental and physical exhaustion as to why he won't play.  This is the first report of him being tired and it makes me wonder if that's the real reason for the superstar to pull out.
A couple weeks ago fellow American teammate Paul George suffered a nasty leg injury during an exhibition game.  My theory is that George's injury is the real reason as to why Durant suddenly called it quits.  I don't having a problem with him backing out, what I have a problem with is the media's reaction to his decision.
Kevin Durant is very loved by media and fans alike.  This is why he is getting a free pass on his decision not to play.  If Kevin wasn't as loved as he is the media would be labeling him as soft.  Instead everyone thinks he is making a smart choice for his future.  And it's just that that bothers me.  His future, so it's ok for him to think about himself when we are not in an NBA season, but it's not ok for Allen Iverson to take 30 shot's a game because he's not a team player? Or Derek Rose to take a long time to return from an injury. Can someone please explain this to me?  Doesn't make any sense to me. 
The media is always looking for "the story" and they had one this time and passed on it.  Durant was selfish when he decided not play for the U.S. all of a sudden.  Durant was worried about getting hurt and not being able to play in the NBA season because he is looking for two things, an NBA title and a big fat contract.  Durant's selfishness is proof that most NBA athletes are looking out for themselves and not their team. 

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