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Monday, November 24, 2014


The Arizona Cardinals suffered their second loss of the season yesterday when the Seattle Seahawks beat them 19-3.  We are used to seeing great defensve play and yesterday we saw the other team do it to us.  The Cardinals were on able to muster up a field in the loss.  The loss hurts because it's a division rival and may mean more as the season nears it's end. 

The Cardinals are now 9-2 and still control their own destiny in regards to the NFC West and the playoffs.  The Cardinals now travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons on Sunday.  Atlanta is 4-7 but don't let the record fool you.  They are leading their division and paying some good football as of late.

If the Cardinals want to get back into the win column four things need to happen.  The first thing is Drew Stanton needs to play better.  He threw for just 149 yards and also threw an interception.  He needs to control games and make better decisions.  Secondly the Cardinals can't abandon the run game.  It's not the greatest nut once Ellington gets started he is hard to stop.  If we control the run game we control the clock the game.

The third thing that needs to happen is that the offensive line needs to stay consistent.  They having been playing well as of late and it's starting to show.  The last thing that needs to happen for the Cardinals to get back into and stay in the win column is to get Larry Fitzgerald back on the field.  He isn't as good as he used to be but he is still a dangerous target for Drew Stanton.

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