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Friday, November 21, 2014


The college football season is coming to an end and the College Football Playoff picture is starting to take it's final shape.  Here in Arizona the focus was mainly on the ASU Sun Devils until last Saturday.  They were number 6 before the loss and with Mississippi St. losing we now play the what if game and wonder what would have become of the Sun Devils had they beat Oregon St.

The Sun Devils now have no chance at a playoff berth, but they do have a chance to win the PAC 12.  In my opinion they opened the door for the Arizona Wildcats.  U of A is tied with UCLA and ASU for second place in the PAC 12 South.  The 3 teams are 5-2 and USC is 6-2 and in first place.  USC plays UCLA this week and Notre Dame next week.  The Wildcats would benefit from a UCLA win, and would also need them to lose net week against Stanford.  That would just take care of some of the problem for U of A.  They also need to win out, a tough task considering they play Utah and then host in-state rival Arizona State.  And of course they would have to beat Oregon, who is running away with the PAC 12 North.

That's a lot to have happen for the Arizona Wildcats to win the PAC 12.  But it's very possible that it will happen.  People wonder if any PAC 12 team can get into the College Football Playoffs with two losses.  Most peoples answer is if any team can it would be Oregon.  But let me give you this scenario.  Arizona wins out, everything falls there way and they face Oregon for the PAC 12 title.  At that point doesn't Arizona deserve to get into the College Football Playoff with two wins over Oregon in the same season? 

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