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Thursday, December 25, 2014


The Arizona Cardinals enter week 17 not knowing what their playoff fate is.  Apparently that not the only thing they don't know.  They have no idea who the starting quarterback is.  Because of injuries to Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton Ryan Lindley got the start last week against Seattle in what was probably the biggest game in franchise history.  Lindley was terrible and continued his streak of passes with out a touchdown.  The streak is now 225.  Monday we were informed they Lindley would not start and rookie Logan Thomas would get the start.  Some people didn't agree with the switch but I think it needed to happen.  As bad as the offense is playing you need guys in their that know what they are doing and Lindley looked very confused last Sunday Night.

Logan Thomas was forced into action earlier this season and was just as terrible as Lindley.  The bright side is he threw a touchdown pass, a feat Lindley still has yet to accomplish.  Earlier today it was reported that Thomas would not start and that Lindley would start when the Cardinals finish the regular season in San Francisco against the 49ers.  This may be a part of Bruce Arians mind game or he may have actually decided to stay with Lindley.  My theory is Drew Stanton is going to be out longer than expected and Arians figures Lindley is better than Thomas.  So they are going to get Lindley as much experience as possible.  Either way the Cardinals go at quarterback if they want to win playoff games they need to find a way to get the offense going and put touchdowns on the board.

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