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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Tonight on Sunday Night Football the Arizona Cardinals host the Seattle Seahawks.  All NFL eyes will be on this game, but not just because it will be televised nationally.  This game is biggest ever for the Cardinals for many reasons such as the playoff implications, it's a division rivalry and it may be the difference between a long playoff run or being one and done.

This game means a lot when it comes to the playoffs.  With a Cardinal victory they clinch the NFC West and a first round bye.  The win will most likely give them home field advantage throughout the playoffs, including the Super Bowl.  With all the injuries the Cardinals have endured this season they would much rather play home then have to travel to possible Green Bay.

The last time these teams played Seattle won hands down, 19-3.  Seattle is the defending Super Bowl Champs and are in the same division as the Cardinals.  This rivalry is becoming more and more intense every time they meet.  The Cardinals would love to take the NFC West title from Seattle and possible knock them out of the playoffs.

The main reason this is the most important game in franchise history is the outcome will define what the Cardinals are this year.  A win gets then national respect, but a lose gives the perception that their 11 wins was just a fluke.  They have struggled through many ups and downs this year and this could be the signature win they need to stake claim to being a good franchise on the verge of being great.

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