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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Today at noon the PAC 12 men's basketball tournament tips off in Las Vegas.  The PAC 12 has about four teams that look to go "dancing" in March Madness, but before they do they better be prepared to fight for the right to call themselves champs of the PAC 12.  Here's a quick look at the tournament.

The Favorite: Arizona
The Wildcats honestly should have no problem this week in looking to win their first PAC 12 Tournament title since 2002.  They won the regular season by a huge margin and have been completely dominating ever since they lost to Arizona St. last month.

The Challenger: Utah
Utah has been great all year and showed much improvement the second time they play Arizona.  They lost their last game of the regular season to Oregon, but that might actually help them.  The last four conference champs lost their regular season finale.

The Upset:  Colorado
The Buffalo's are the tenth seed and potentially play #2 Oregon in the second round. Oregon overachieved during the regular season and only got the second seed after a Utah loss in the regular season finale.  Colorado is playing great basketball right now but their luck will run out against Utah when it reaches the semifinals.

The Predictions:

Round 1
California beats Washington State
Arizona Sate beats Southern California
Colorado beats Oregon State
Stanford beats Washington

Round 2
Arizona beats California
Arizona State beats UCLA
Colorado beats Oregon
Utah beats Stanford

Semi finals
Arizona beats Arizona State
Utah beats Colorado

Arizona beats Utah

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