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Sunday, March 1, 2015


The Phoenix Suns were unable to continue their short win streak last night when they hosted the San Antonio Spurs.  The Spurs dominated the game throughout winning 101-74.

The Spurs had 24 points after one quarter and they never as the Suns and just 24 first half points.  That is the fewest points in franchise history for the Phoenix Suns. 

Kawhi Leonard led all scores with 22 points.  The Suns were led by Marcus Morris off the bench with 19.  The Suns only had two other scorers in double digits.  The Suns missed a golden opportunity to keep pace with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the eight and final spot in the Western Conference Playoffs.

The Suns play was very disappointing on the court and may have even took it off the court as well.  Starter Markief Morris publicly blasted Suns fans, saying they do not provide them a home court advantage.  He may be right, but let's be honest you don't call out your fans when you just scored a measly 10 points and your team just had the worst half of it's history.

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