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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Earlier today Arizona State Athletic Director Ray Anderson ended his men's basketball coaching search.  He hired Buffalo coach Bobby Hurley.  Most people remember him from when he played on the great Duke teams of the early 1990's.

Hurley is a great hire for an Arizona State program that lacks a big name coach.  Hurley is only 43 and has youth on his side.  He nay not be known well in the coaching world yet but he is a high school and college legend.  This will allow him to be a better recruiter.

ASU basketball has underachieved for years and this allows Hurley to come in pressure free.  He needs to do two things that can help him make ASU a team to recon with in the PAC 12.  He needs to hit the Arizona recruiting scene hard and he needs to not pay attention to the college down south.

Hurley needs to visit some of the high schools here in the valley, particularly Corona Del Sol and Perry.  They are home to the states best players who are also ranked pretty high nationally.  Don't let them out of your backyard!

Also Hurley needs to not worry about the University of Arizona.  They are a national powerhouse that will automatically get recruits that he can't get.  He should just concentrate on who he is as a recruiter and a coach.  If he does these things he will do great as the new Arizona State Basketball Coach.

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