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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Phoenix Sun's Marcus and twin brother Markieff Morris were charged with aggravated assault, a felony, today.  The Morris twins released a statement saying that they cannot comment on this matter per their attorney.

The alleged incident occurred in January when the Morris twins and three other men beat up 36 year old Erik Hood outside a basketball game that Hood was playing in.  They waited for Hood to come outside the gym and one man confronted him and the others joined in and started to punch and kick him.  He was then transported to the  hospital and Phoenix Police were called.

The assault was a result of unwanted explicit text messages from Hood to the Morris twins mom.  The Charges could land the two brothers in prison and puts a damper on their future with the Phoenix Suns.  They are scheduled to make their first court appearance on May 7.

The Suns in my opinion need to get rid of both Morris twins as soon as they can.  They have both had issues this past season.  Marcus threw a towel at the coach and Markieff had several technical fouls and even called out the fans  saying they weren't loyal.  The Morris twins are more trouble than they are worth.  The are both average players when they are on the same team.  If they were on different teams they probably aren't a factor.  They aren't even good enough for a team to overlook their off court issues.

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