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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The Arizona Dbacks open the 2016 baseball season by hosting the Colorado Rockies yesterday at Chase Field.  The scene was electric, the crowd was full of anticipation.

Larry Fitzgerald threw out the first pitch and then it was game on.  The Dbacks started their newly acquired ace, Zach Greinke.  But just 3 innings in some fans were wondering if that was a good idea.

Greinke gave up all of his 7 runs in the second and third inning.  He gave up 9 hits total in just 4 innings of action.  The Dbacks lost 10-5.

Greinke's bad start was shocking to most but the reality is it is just one game.  There were reports that he pitched with the flu, and that is certainly no excuse for his performance but Greinke is a true ace pitcher and will bounce back.  He will prove the naysayers wrong in his next start?

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