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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Today the Arizona Cardinals will travel to Northern California to face the San Francisco 49ers.  Both teams are 1-3 and with the high expectations placed on the Arizona Cardinals it is safe to say this is a must win game for them.

I know its only week 5 but a loss puts a huge dent on the Cardinals playoff hopes and here's why.

A loss puts them at 1-4 but more importantly it puts them 0-2 in a division and they still have to play Seattle twice.  They also have to Atlanta and Carolina and Minnesota.  Even if they split and go 3-3 that gives them 7 loses and they would still have other games that could be losses such 49ers, Rams and Redskins.

The way the NFC is playing this year the Cardinals may not get a Wild Card spot with just 9 wins.

So Cardinal fans get ready for a long season if the 49ers pull off the upset.

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