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Saturday, October 8, 2016


This week The High School Highlight stays in the West Valley.  Down the street from University of Phoenix Stadium is Copper Canyon High School. A fairly new high school is already rich with tradition and pride led by head coach Shawn Kemmer.

Kemmer has turned around a team from being win less a year ago to being 3-3 before tonight's game.  Kemmer had done it with hard work and determination from players like this weeks High School Highlight Jayden Hall.

Hall is a senior running back and safety who loves playing the game he has played his whole life.  He carries a 3.17 GPA in the classroom and has goals of playing in the NFL and having a family.

Hall has been on varsity for 4 years and plays a major role in the team turning around their season.  Hall loves running the football but knows his success is do to his teammates.  He says without them "I can't do what I do."

Hall also had some advice to future high school athletes.  He says that you will miss high school and fly's by so fast, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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