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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Today is the NFC Championship Game. The Atlanta Falcons host the Green Bay Packers in what promises to be a fun and exciting game. Both teams have quarterbacks that have been on fire as of late.

The Green Bay Packers are led by Aaron Rodgers. Rogers has a history of making great throws at the right time and he made another one last Sunday that put the Packers into the NFC championship. The Packers feel confident they can win any game when Rogers as their quarterback.

Atlanta Falcons are quarterbacked by Matt Ryan who in his own right as a candidate for MVP.  The Falcons have written under the radar for most of the season, but there's no doubt they are a Super Bowl contender.

This game will be a shootout and I think someone needs to score more than 30 points if they're going to be victorious. The two quarterbacks are the focal point of the game but it will be decided by the defense. Whichever defense makes a big play late expected that team to be victorious and headed to the Super bowl next week.

Everything on paper says the Packers will win.  But don't count out the Falcons.

THE PREDICTION:  Atlanta 35, Green Bay 29

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