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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Today is Sunday January 29th 2017 one week before Super Bowl LI. Many people will say there is just one game left in the football season. There is actually two games. But nobody talks or even watches the second game, the Pro Bowl, which happens today in Florida.

The Pro Bowl is the All-Star Game of the NFL yet it is not as popular as the regular season. The NBA and Major League Baseball make big events out of their All-Star games. Even the NHL makes a big deal about there's and those three leagues are having success doing it.

But the NFL's is rarely watched.  The big question is why?  Football is the most popular sport yet it's all star game is the least popular.  This doesn't make any sense.

When you ask why doesn't anyone watch the Probowl, the answer is simple.  It's boring.  Why is it boring?  Here are three reasons why.

The top reason is the players.  The game is played the week before the Superbowl so you have some players that can't play.  Then you get players that just don't want to play.  To make it worse the players that do play don't put the effort tbey did to make the team.

Reason number 2 is the NFL.  Plain and simple the game is not advertised enough to generate any interest.  If the front office put in as much effort in showcasing the Probowl as they do the NFL Draft more people would watch.

The last reason the Probowl is watched is the timing.  The game is played the week before the Superbowl to try get more viewers.  Years ago it was the week after the Superbowl, but the change didn't help.  There have been several idea's as to when to play the game, but none have ever made sense.

Maybe an All-Star game doesn't belong in football.  Maybe the correct answer is to just take the game out all together.

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