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Saturday, March 15, 2014

If ASU gets Left Out of NCAA Tourney it`s because of U of A?

Arizona St. lost in the second round of the Pac 12 Tournament.  The Sun Devil`s ended the season 2-5.  With this disturbing performance as of late many people think ASU is on the bubble and may not get into next weeks NCAA Tournament.  My feeling is this, if ASU does not get into the tournament it is directly because of the Wildcat`s.  I know I said once ASU beat Arizona a few weeks ago they punched their ticket to go marching, so hear me out.   Regardless of how Arizona finishes in the Pac 12 Tourney they deserve a number one seed.  In my opinion it should be an overall number one seed.  But only time will tell on that.  Sunday the brackets come and both Arizona schools will learn their fate.  This brings me to my point.  If for some reason Arizona doesn`t get a number one seed then ASU will be left out. If that happens then its obvious that the Pac 12 isn`t going to get any respect from the selection committee.  If that happens, given ASU`s lack of success in the NCAA Tournament i could see them getting left out of the tournament.

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