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Monday, March 17, 2014


The brackets are out and both the Arizona schools got in!  Arizona is the 1 seed in thw West and Arizona St. is the 10 seed in the Midwest.  ASU plays Texas on Thursday and Uof A plays Weber St. on Friday.  Those of you that follow me know that I feared U of A would not get a ntop seed and ASU would be left out of the Tournament.  Well that didn`t happen but I was right about one thing.  The Arizona Wildcat`s even though they are so good don`t get an respect nationally.
Arizona needs to tap into their inner Aretha Franklin and demand a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T from the  NCAA selection committee.  They can do that with a dominant performance during March Madness.  Arizona should have been the overall number one seed but that was given to Florida.  In case you don`t follow College Basketball until March here is a little knowledge drop for you.  Like football the NCAA uses a computer combining wins, strength of schedule and and overall record to determine each teams ranking.  Its called RPI ranking.  After the regular season ended U of A`s RPI was 1, meaning they are the best team in college basketball.  Since Arizona doesn`t get much respect outside of the Pac 12 nobody is saying anything about this unjustice.  But let me leave you with this point.  If this was college football and at the end of the season Alabama was the top team according to the computer and another team, lets just say Notre Dame was awarded the National Championship game everybody would be in an uproar!

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