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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Great Basketball State of Arizona

Guess what everybody it`s March and you know what that means.  Time for March Madness!  Before the NCAA Tournament starts I want to point something out to all college basketball fans.  Watch out for the Great State of Arizona!  If you know even just a little bit about college hoops you already know about the Wildcat`s from the University of Arizona.  They are currently ranked 4th in the nation and are a lock for a number 1 seed.  Some experts, including myself, have the Wildcat`s as the overall top seed in the tournament.  But for the state of Arizona it gets better.  Our other school, arizona St. is quietly posittioning themselfs into the tournament as well.  ASU tied with 5 other teams for 3rd place in the PAC 12 conference.  They won the tie breaker and with just one win in the conference tournament they will be in the senifinals.  Acomplishing that feat may give them a better seed then they already have.  Right now they are a projected 8 or 9seed, but with a good showing this week in the tournament they may be able to get a 7 or even a 6 seed.  While I`m predicting a Final Four for the Wildcat`s, Im not saying the Sun Devil`s will get that far.  With the right seed and the right opponents the state of Arizona may be saying "both our schools made it to the Sweet 16 and one is National Champion."

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