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Friday, May 8, 2015


Deflate Gate continued this week when the findings of an independent investigation were released.  In a nut shell it said that the ownership and coaches had no idea of any wrong doing going on.  However, it also said that there was a good possibility that QB Tom Brady at least knew what was going on.

Really a special investigator was hired just to tell us that!  I could have told you that the day after the AFC Championship.  Brady needs to just come out with the truth except his punishment and move on.  If he is this great American hero everyone seems to think he is he would have no problem doing so.  But he won't.

These new findings make you wonder what's going to happened to Brady.  Will there be a punishment? If so how harsh?  I just wonder if Tom Brady will get the same punishment as anybody else?  Will the league take it easy on him because he seems to be the poster boy of the league?

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