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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Most basketball fans are enjoying this years NBA Playoffs and rightfully so.   This years playoffs have been the best they have been in years  But if your a Suns fan you are watching wondering when the Suns will be back in the playoffs.

During this off season the Phoenix Suns have a questions that need to be at the very least looked at.  Can we attract a big name free agent?  What is going to happen to the Morris twins?  Are we going to pay Brandon Knight?  These are some of the questions us fans have.  But here is a questions we just may have to answer and didn't think we would have to this soon.  Who will take over as head coach after the departure of Jeff Hornacek?

As unbelievable as it sounds there is a small possibility that this may come true and here's how.  The New Orleans Pelicans just fired their head coach and the rumor is that Chicago Bull's Tom Thibodeau would make the move from Chicago to New Orleans.  If this happens the Bull's will go after Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg  leaving a vacancy at Iowa St.

For those of you that think Hornacek would never leave the NBA for a college gig, especially one that isn't high profile, I leave you with these two points.  Jeff Hornacek played his college ball at Iowa St. and is a legend there.  My final point is this, if he takes the job at his college Alma Mater he will likely make more money than he does currently with the Phoenix Suns. 

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