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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Tonight during halftime of game 1 of the Western Conference Finals The NBA Draft lottery will be held. This will determine the order in which the teams will draft later this summer.

So here's how it works. The 14 teams that did not make the playoffs are put into a raffle.  The worse your regular season record was the better chance you have at a top pick.

When the actual lottery occurs ping pong balls are used.  The NBA has made this such a huge event that some teams send a "good luck" representative in hopes of getting the top pick in the draft.

The Phoenix Suns did not make the playoffs and have a 2% of getting the #1 pick.  More than likely they will end up with the 13th pick.  Suns fans are hopeful that they move up to the top spot so they can possible get the superstars that we all know they so desperately need.

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