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Monday, January 25, 2016


The Arizona Cardinals season came to a screeching halt Sunday when they were beaten by the Carolina Panthers 49 - 15.

When you asked the average fan what went wrong they will say Carson Palmer. But the problem was deeper than just Palmer. Yes he was a major factor in the loss, throwing four interceptions and losing two fumbles.

Palmer wasn't the only problem Sunday. The defensive line did not put any pressure on quarterback Cam Newton. This needed to happen if the Cardinals wanted to come out victorious. Also All Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson made a crucial mistake when he decided to field a punt after running up on it. He then fumbled the punt at a time when it seems like the Arizona Cardinals we're starting to come alive.  The turnover gave the momentum back to the Panthers.

Despite a bad performance and ultimately a season ending loss the Cardinals had a wonderful season.  The franchise has turned the corner from pretender to contender.  They are no longer a team to be taken lightly.  They will be in the playoffs next season and competing for a Super Bowl Trophy.

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