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Saturday, January 2, 2016


When you discuss the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL the name Peyton Manning comes to mind.  He may not be your number 1 but he is definitely in the top 5.

Manning and the Broncos came in to this season with high expectations.  This has been a terrible season for Manning.  In the last few years we have noticed a late season slip in his stats, but this year it started almost immediately.  The only bright spot is that the Broncos have won despite Manning's poor performance.

The season got worse for Manning when he was forced out of action due to an injury.  Backup Brock Osweiler has shined in his absence and now that Manning is back he will take on the role of back up quarterback.  About a week or so ago things got even worse when a report surfaced saying that HGH was delivered to Manning's wife in 2011. 

Manning is a great QB and should be able to bounce back and help his team try and win a Super Bowl.  The questions remains will Osweiler allow Manning to do so?

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