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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Today the Arizona Cardinals will be in North Carolina to take on the Carlina Panthers.  The winner will be crowned NFC Champion and will travel to Santa Clara to play in Super Bowl 50.

The Panther's have only lost once this season and are riding high after they beat the Seattle Seahawks last week.  The game was a great representation of what the Panthers are this season.  They start fast and then hang on for the victory.  The question is can they afford to do that against the powerful Arizona Cardinals?

The Cardinals also had a great win last week against the Packer's.  They needed overtime and Larry Fitzgerald to advance to the Conference Finals.  The Cardinals, particularly Carson Palmer, had a bad game last week and will not advance if that carries over to this week.

The Panthers come out on top if two things happen.  Number one is Cam Newton.  They need to ride the arm and legs of their young super star quarterback. Let Newton control the game and it should be a good afternoon for the Panthers.  Number 2 the Carolina secondary.  They need to take away the deep ball for the Cardinals and they will be NFC Champs.

The keys to victory for the Cardinals are Palmer, the run game and the defense line.  Palmer played like a guy that had never won a playoff game before.  That problem should fix itself this week.  Also the Cardinals need to establish a run game and stick to it.  The last key is probably the most important.  The defensive line needs to control the line of scrimmage and keep Newton in between the tackles.  If these three things happen the Arizona Cardinals win continue their season in the Super Bowl.

I see this game as a battle and going down to the final minute.  This will be a game to remember when all is said and done.  I see the Arizona Cardinals going to Carolina and coming home NFC Champs.

Final Score:  Arizona 34, Carlina 31.

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