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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Afternoon At The Stadium

In case you didn't know I am a huge football fan.  Like every die hard fan I have a favorite team.  My favorite team is the Washington Redskins.  I have been a fan for as long as I can remember.  Most people ask me "why do you like the Redskins?"  "Why not the hometown team?" and even "you call yourself The Az Sports Guru but don't like the Arizona team".  Well here's your answer.  I'm born and raised here in Phoenix, Arizona and when I was growing up we didn't have a team.  The Cardinals didn't arrive until 1989 and by that time I was already a Redskin fanatic.  When I was little they only showed the Cowboy games and I didn't like the Cowboys but twice a year I watched them play the Redskins and I like the logo and so I became a fan. 

To answer your other questions while the Cardinals aren't my favorite team I truly respect them.  It's not because I cover them are because they are finally good (even though that's the reason for many people that won't admit that), it's because o my relationship with a few former players.  Years ago I volunteered with the Cardinals and coached youth football through NFL Flag.  I loved it and it helped me get into high school coaching.  I used to help out with the clinics they would put on for the children.  Every Cardinal and coach I ever came across were great down to earth people.  People such as Jeep Chryst, Damien Anderson, Chris Gedney, Martay Jenkins and Frank Sanders.  There are many more and because of them I will always respect the Cardinals.

So on to my story.  My brother in law took me to the game yesterday for my upcoming birthday.  Besides the score I had the time of my life.  The atmosphere was awesome.  There was a lot of tailgaters out on the lawn outside of University of Phoenix Stadium.There was a lot of Redskins fans and it was great to see all the different apparel.

There was one thing that did bother me.  The cardinals are new to winning, some would say they aren't even a winning team yet but remember they are coming of a 10 win season.  With the winning comes fans knowing how to win.  On my way back to my car I was hit in the hand with a small rock.  when I looked back no one was there.It must have come from a car passing by because about a minute later this guy starts yelling profanity and telling me how bad the Redskins and I are.

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for thrash talk in sports.  I'm for it when it's appropriate.  Talk about my team but don't make it personal.  I don't even know the guy and more importantly he doesn't know me.  I mean how ignorant can some people be?  The guy was even telling another Cardinal fan to hit me.  The fan ignored o coarse and so did I.  I went to see a football game not get in a street fight.

The whole incident bothered me but I don't blame the Cardinals.  Grown people know the decisions they need to make.  But I will tell you this had my wife or my daughter had been with me that probably would have been my last trip to University Of Phoenix Stadium.   

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