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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Friday Highlight: Latrell Johnson

This week we travel to Scottsdale and visit the Coronado Don’s.  In case you’re wondering a Don is a Spanish warrior.  Coronado doesn’t have the best record and may miss the playoffs.  But what they do have is a bunch of young men that have dedication and determination to put their school on the Arizona High School football map.  One of those students is 17 year old senior Latrell Johnson.

Johnson plays wide receiver and defensive back for the Don’s.  He has nine tackles so far this season and says there is many more to come.  He never shows fear or weakness while on the field at it shows while watching him play.  He plays most of the game. 

Johnson’s GPA is above 2.0 and he plans to attend Northern Arizona University and study sports management.  He has a goal of graduating with a 3.0 GPA.  He has played football for four years.  His brother is his inspiration for playing the game.  He started playing after he would watch him play. 

Johnson says he is a relaxed person but prepares himself mentally for the next game.  He also says playing high school football requires a lot of blood sweat and tears to put yourself in the right position to succeed. 

What is impressive about Johnson is he is a true team player.  When asked to submit a photo he gave me one of all the seniors just having fun with each other.  Players like Johnson are the type of people that build a backbone for a team to be successful.

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