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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

College Football's Final Four Is In

Yesterday the College Football Playoff selection committee announced their initial top 25 rankings.  The SEC West dominated the ranking.  Mississippi, Mississippi St., and Auburn are three of the top four teams.  Florida St. is the other team that would make the four team playoff if it were held today.  This is just the first week of the rankings, which will likely change a whole lot considering how the college football season has gone so far. 

The fact that three teams from the same conference has a lot of people upset.  Mississippi St. and Florida St. are both undefeated and deserve to be there.  The big question is which one loss teams should be there also?  I can literally spend days arguing on who else should be in the top four.  But I'm not going to do that.  I'm going to leave you with two points.  Point one, Oregon sits at #5.  Why?  They lost to Arizona, which is #12, and many would say that's not a quality loss.  Point 2, why is Notre Dame #10?  They have a quality loss to Florida St. and most people will say they were robbed and should be unbeaten.  Shouldn't that at least have you in the top 5?

The Top 25:
25. Louisville (6-2)
24. Duke (6-1)
23. East Carolina (6-1)
22. UCLA (6-2)
21. Clemson (6-2)
20. West Virginia (6-2)
19. LSU (7-2)
18. Oklahoma (5-2)
17. Utah (6-1)
16. Ohio St. (6-1)
15. Nebraska (7-1)
14. Arizona St. (6-1)
13. Baylor (6-1)
12. Arizona (6-1)
11. Georgia (6-1)
10. Notre Dame (6-1)
9. Kansas State (6-1)
8. Michigan State (7-1)
7. TCU (6-1)
6. Alabama (7-1)
5 Oregon (6-1)
4.Ole. Miss (6-1)
3. Auburn (6-1)
2. Florida State (7-0)
1. Mississippi State (7-0)

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