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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why The Cardinals Are 5-1

We are entering week 8 in the NFL and the Arizona Cardinals sit atop the NFC West at 5-1.  They face another 5-1 team this Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles come to town.  The great record has fans buzzing about the playoffs and possible being the first team to ever host the Super Bowl.  But lets not get a head of ourselves, why are the Cardinals doing so well considering all the injuries they have suffered so far? 

Some fans say the great start is due to the quarterback play or the play of Andre Ellington.  Some people are also pointing our how great the offense line is playing.  Others say it is the defense and the fact that almost everybody is different from a year ago and yet the team is still one of the best defenses in the league.  I agree with all of these points, but the real reason the Cardinals are 5-1 is Bruce Arians and his staff.

Arians in just his second season with the Cardinals is already making a name for himself.  He and defensive coordinator Todd Boles are succeeding because they both put in systems that the team has bought in to.  Both coaches are great at getting the best out of their players.  This is why the Cardinals have been able to continue their winning ways even though they have suffered through so many injuries.  The "next man up" motto has really been put to use this season. 

The Cardinals now face a tough schedule the next 5 weeks and if they want to continue their dominance they are really going to have to buckle down and execute the game plans that will be put by Arians and Boles.  The Cardinals have put themselves in a great position and will be a team to watch as we get closer to the playoffs.

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