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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yesterday was media for Super Bowl XLIX.  As expected it was the most popular story of the day.  It wasn't "Deflate Gate" that got all of the attention.  Instead it was Marshawn Lynch that stole the show.  As expected he made sure he was the center of attention.

It's no secret that Lynch doesn't like to do interviews.  The NFL knew this coming in and threatened to fine the running back $500,000 if he did not show up and talk to media.  So Lynch did what the NFL asked of him.  He showed up and talked to the media.  The problem is all he would say is "I'm here so I won't get fined".  He repeated it over and over, 29 times to be exact. 

The NFL needs to stop beating a dead horse.  Don't force the guy to talk because all he does is figure out more ways to disrespect you.  Lynch, I feel isn't being the way he is with media to be a jerk, or because that's his personality.  He is like that as part of his show.  He knows the media and fans eat it up and he likes the attention he gets from it.  Leave the guy alone and if he wants to talk to you he will.

Lynch and his antics are overshadowing the fact that he is a very good running back on brink of being a major superstar in the NFL.  When on the field he is a competitor who is very difficult to take down.  He may even prove to be the difference in this game.  What is the NFL going to do if he has a great game and is selected as the MVP? 

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