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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Earlier today Ohio St. Quarterback Cardale Jones called a press conference to discuss his future at Ohio St.  He and the Buckeye's are coming off a national championship victory over the Oregon Ducks.  Many people expected Jones to announce that he will be entering this years draft.  In a bit of a shocker Jones big announcement was that he will be staying in college.

Jones only played three games and threw less than 100 passes in his very short stint as the starting quarterback.  Normally I would say would suggest for a guy in his situation to stay in college.  In this case I would have been ok with him leaving for the NFL and here's why.  Jones would not have played or even been the backup.  He started the year third string for a reason.  He was behind two very good quarterbacks who were both Heisman candidates at one point.  The fact that he decided to stay tells me that one of two things happened.  Either he was promised the starting job or one of the other two guys will transfer and he will get a fair shot at starting next season and helping the Buckeyes defend their National Championship.

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