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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pro Bowl Practice

Yesterday I was sitting at home enjoying breakfast with my family. My brother in law was looking at his Facebook and and told me "what's SCC? The Pro Bowl practice is there."  I told him its Scottsdale Community. he then said lets go check it out.  We then jumped in the car and headed to the college.  We really didn't know what to expect.

When we arrived we realized we were at the practice for Team Irvin.  This year, like last we didn't have AFC vs. NFC instead we have the coaches draft from all the players that made the Pro Bowl.  The atmosphere was great. There wasn't too many people there but there was plenty of jersey's from all around the league.  There was however more Cowboy fans then any other team. And when they saw DeMarcus Ware they gave him a very warm welcome. In fact as he he walked off after practice they swarmed him for autographs. I saw just one Denver Bronco fan in all the mix.

The practice itself wasn't anything more than a walk through but it was fun to see the players having a good time.  The most surprising person to me was Michael Irvin. As he was leaving the field security seemed like they were not going to let him sign autographs.  He was was talking to someone as he walked towards the exit. He finished his conversation and started signing autographs.  The crowd then grew bigger but Irvin didn't stop signing.

Seeing Irving and others being so polite to fans was so refreshing.  With all the negative attention football players get people need to see them as what they are, individuals.  A lot of these athletes are great people and deserve to be treated like it. So to Michael Irvin and many other athletes thank you for still caring about us, the football fans.

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