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Friday, June 5, 2015


Last night the Golden state Warriors took advantage of the home court with a 108-100 overtime victory over the visiting Cavs.  The game was everything we thought it would be with each team bring there best effort.  In the end the Warriors outscored the Cavs 10-2 in the extra period and that was the difference.

The two MVP's shined as expected.  Steph Curry led his team with 26 points and LeBron James took advantage of not getting double teamed.  He kept taking everything the Warriors gave him and ended the night with 44 points.  What seemed to be the difference was he only had 6 assists.  Cleveland will not be able to win this series if LeBron can't get anyone else involved.

The other big news to come out of last nights game is Kyrie Irving seemed to aggravate his already injured knee.  He will have an MRI sometime today.  If he is unable to play that might spell the end of the Cleveland run to a championship.

Although it's just one win it puts Golden State right where it needs to be.  Now the question is can they continue to protect their home court on Sunday or can Cleveland still the home court edge?

We will find out Sunday when these two teams square off in game 2 of the 2015 NBA Finals.

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