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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Tonight is game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals.  The Golden State Warriors play host to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Both teams are even matched and led by a superstar.

Steph Curry is this years league MVP and with his shooting during these playoffs is proof that he deserved the recognition he received.  He was also named first team All-NBA.  Curry is the first player ever to play all of the teams of players that made the all NBA team with him. He has beaten all of them so far and faces LeBron for the NBA Tittle.

LeBron James decided last summer to "come back home" and try to bring his hometown a championship.  Something that Cleveland hadn't seen in any sport since 1964.  51 years is a long time for a city to go without a championship.  If any one person can put a city on his back and take them to a title it is LeBron James.

This series promises to be a great one.  You have two teams that are very effective at their games and both certainly deserve to be the champion.  The problem is their can only be one winner.  So who is it going to be?

Golden State is a young team that has not been to the NBA Finals since 1975 and lack experience that Cleveland has.  Even though they have been long removed from the Finals as well, LeBron James was there last.  They have a few other role players that have been there also.  Cleveland will be crowned the NBA Champs in 6 games, but expect Golden State to put up a good fight and even take the series to 7 games.

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