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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Last night the Glendale City Council held a special meeting and voted to terminate the lease the city had with it's NHL team, the Arizona Coyotes.  The council decided to end a 15 year $225 million lease agreement that was signed 2 years ago.  The vote was 5-2.

This decision shocked not only the NHL and the Coyotes, but also sports fans here in Arizona.  Many people are confused as to why.  This move was strictly political.

The City Council is trying to save money and with the vote last night they did just that.  As much as this bothers many people it is going to get somebody re-elected.  The council will be able to say "I helped get us out of a terrible deal the previous council left us in and I saved the city a bunch of money that was then used to hire more police officers and fireman."

Now who knows if that will actually happen, but what if it does.  Glendale is far from being a hockey town.  In fact alot of it's residents don't even care about hockey or the Coyotes.  The city is hurting for money and could use the money elsewhere.

As for the Coyotes they will most likely end up back in Phoenix playing at U.S. Airways Center.  Yes it's the home of the Suns but it makes the most sense until they can find a permanent home.  In fact Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton seems to be interested in helping the Coyotes out of this bind.

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