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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Kyrie Irving fractured his kneecap in game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night.  He has undergone surgery and will be gone for 4 months.  He will miss the rest of this season, but what does the injury really mean for the Cavs point guard?  Only time will tell.

Irving is a very young and dynamic player who probably has 10 years left in the NBA.  Will he be able to bounce back from this injury?  Or will this injury haunt him the rest of his career?  Only time will tell.

The other question this injury poses, Kyrie went in to the game hurt already, why was he even playing?  Cleveland is so desperate to win an NBA title that they risked a very young players health and future to do so.  Irving being injured already and yet still playing and then being lost for the remainder of the season sounds very familiar.  Can you say RGIII!  Will Irving be the next RGIII?  Only time will tell.

The Redskins did pretty much the same thing with their superstar.  Now just a few years later he is an after thought and is considered to be at the end of his career.  Will the same happen to Kyrie?  Are we seeing the beginning of the end for Kyrie Irving?  Only time will tell.

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