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Friday, February 12, 2016


It seems that every year during Super Bowl week somebody gets themselves into a lot of trouble.  This year was no different.  Instead of the trouble happening in San Francisco where the Super Bowl was played it happened in Philadelphia, with someone that wasn't even in the game.  It was Buffalo Bill's running back LeSean McCoy who found himself in deep trouble.

Over the weekend McCoy and a few of his friends were at a Philadelphia night club when they made a decision that make affect the rest of their lives.  For what ever reason they thought it was a good idea to take a bottle of champagne from the group of guys next to them.  They figured they could do what ever they want since they were all athlete's.

What they didn't know was the group was full of off duty police officers.  A fight then ensued and McCoy and his friends ended up beating the offers so bad that hey needed medical attention.  The incident was caught on several cell phone videos.

McCoy will now likely be arrested for aggravated assault.  Not only is there a chance that McCoy could go to prison there is also a chance that he will never play anther snap in the NFL.

Another life lost due to a bad decision!  The NFL needs to come down hard on McCoy, not just so he will learn a lesson, but so that young players will also learn to stay out of trouble.  

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