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Thursday, February 11, 2016


The Phoenix suns are statistically the 3rd worst team in the NBA. they are only better than the Lakers and the 76er's, who have beaten them twice.

They have become the laughing stock of the NBA. It's not because of their record. It's not because of their current nine game losing streak. It's not even because they fired a new game, soon to be great coach and replaced him with a guy with very little experience.

The suns are the laughing stock of NBA because of the way they have handled Markieff Morris. Morris has dine everything imaginable to show that he doesn't want to be in Phoenix.

Morris has damaged  a trade, publicly bashed the organization and threw a towel at former coach Jeff Hornacek and that's not all ! Last night during the suns loss to the Golden State Warriors, Morris shoved teammate Archie Goodwin during the first quarter.

All this drama doesn't even include his pending aggravated assault case. where he and twin brother Marcus and two other men beat up another man. Through all of these issues Markieff Morris is still a member of the Phoenix Suns. Owner Robert Sarver has done a terrible job handling this situation.

The Suns have been looking to trade Morris all season. For whatever reason he is still on the team. The fact that Hornacek was fired and Morris has not been traded tells me that they are not planning to trade him if this happens this is a big mistake for Robert Sarver.

Suns fans are already upset because Morris hasn't been traded. Morris has been allowed to disrespect the organization with little to no conscience.

This is not how you run a team. The suns will never win until players are held accountable for their actions, Sarver needs to support his coach. He should have done this by trading Morris before the season even started. 

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