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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Last night Golden State's Steph Curry made the game winning shot to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder.  And he made it look easy!  He hit a half court shot with .06 remaining to keep his team on path to win the most regular season games in NBA history.

Curry was excited, as he should be, he even danced into the ensuring timeout and high five teammates.  But why wasn't he he given a Technical foul?  Cam Newton would have gotten one.

Curry is the most popular player in the game today and for that he was given a pass.  For that I say say to the NBA and commissioner Sterling I say "Shame on you!"  Curry should have been given a tech and the outcome of the game may have changed.

I know I sound like a hater, but just think about it for a second and let me paint you a picture.

It's the last game of the season and the Warriors are one game away from breaking the wins in a season record.  It's a close game.  The other team they are playing hits a go ahead three pointer with less than a second to play.

The other team is obvious very happy and the shooter decides to "Dap" on the court.  Of course he gets a tech.  Curry makes the free throw and Golden State gets the ball back and instead of a three to send it to overtime they win the game!

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