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Friday, February 5, 2016


TNT analyst and former Phoenix Suns forward Charles Barkley publicly ripped the Phoenix Suns last night during his show Inside The NBA.  He bashed every part of the Suns organization down to the concession stand.

Barkley, like most fans, is upset with the direction the team is headed.  They fired coach Jeff Hornacek o Sunday and promoted Earl Watson,  a guy with no head coaching experience, to head coach.  The situation sounds familiar because the same thing happened when Alvin Gentry was fired a few years ago and replaced by Lindsey Hunter.

Barkley had every right to tear in to the Suns.  What I don't agree with is how scripted it looked on TV.  His co-hosts seemed to be setting up his every punchline.  I also don't like how Barkley rips his former team every chance he gets. 

Sir Charles this city was great to you and helped you become what you are today.  Yes you did compliment the fans, but us die hard fans couldn't stomach you laying into everyday people like us just trying to make a living selling hotdogs.  I'm sure you never even ate at the concession stand all those years you played here.

So open your eyes and view your former employer for what is is,  a struggling franchise that will turn things around as soon as Robert Sarver let's a basketball mind take control or sells the team. 

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