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Sunday, February 7, 2016


Super Bowl 50 is finally here!  The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers face off for the right to call themselves the best of the 2015-2016 season.  The game is always big and this years version shouldn't be any different.

There are plenty of story lines for the big game.  Will this be Peyton Manning's last game?  Are the Carolina Panthers as good as they seem to be?  Can the Denver defense contain the high powered offense of the Panthers?  Will Cam Newton and his dap be the highlight of the Super Bowl?  These are just some of the stories to watch for when the two teams take the field in San Francisco.

Now on to the game. The key to victory for both teams is the quarterback.  Peyton Manning Vs. Cam Newton is truly going to determine the outcome.  The QB with the best game will be Super Bowl champs.

I think the Broncos will come out on top.  It will be a tough battle but I feel Peyton Manning will go out on top 29-27.    

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