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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Carson Palmer: The Real Deal!

On Monday the Arizona Cardinals pulled off an impressive win over the visiting San Diego Chargers on the national stage of Monday Night Football.. There was great play on both sides of the ball, but what was the most impressive?  To me hands down it was quarterback Carson Palmer.  He looked spectacular the last nine games of last season and looked just as good in the preseason.  With all the hype over Andre Ellington and the speedy receiver corps. Palmer has been a bit overlooked coming into the 2014 regular season.
Palmer's performance was just short of amazing.  It wasn't his 24 of 31 passing, or his 304 yards passing with no interceptions that was impressive.  It wasn't even his two touchdown passes, including a game winner.  It was his feet.  Yes I actually said Carson Palmer's feet were the main reason for his great performance on Monday Night Football.  Carson Palmer is a pocket passer and when he does have to scramble he usually throws the ball away.  That wasn't the case Monday.  He escaped the grasp of the great Dwight Freeney on two consecutive plays.  He actually made Freeney look bad, which is really hard to do.  Palmer's ability to gain yardage when he scrambled allowed him to not only extend plays, but also drives with his feet.  Palmer's football smarts is probally his best characteristic, he uses his brains where most quaterback's use there talent.  Palmer started the season slow last year.  Unlike last year Palmer isn't learning a new system and from new coaches.  The fact that he has some experience in this offense should be enough to keep defenses worried about what he can do to them.  If Palmer continues to play the way he did on Monday the sky is the limit for the Arizona Cardinals.


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