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Saturday, September 6, 2014

D-Backs Fire Kevin Towers

Yesterday in a move everybody saw coming the Arizona D-Backs fired General Manager Kevin Towers.  The surprising thing was the way the situation was handled.  Towers was told he was being let go as GM, but was offered a position in the organization.  Towers  told the D-Backs that he wanted to wait until the new GM is hired before he decided if he was going to stay or not.
Here's where I have a problem with this story.  It's obvious that the D-Backs weren't happy with Towers as GM.  I get wanting to demote the guy, but don't tell him "your fired, well you can stay if you want" it sends a message that your organization cannot make decision.  I say move on.  Towers wants to wait and see who the next GM will be, but lets be  honest it doesn't really matter who it is.  Tony LaRussa is going to be the next General Manager for the Arizona D-Backs, even if he hires someone else for the position.  Either way this whole GM situation puts the D-Backs farther apart from their division counterpart in Los Angeles.

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