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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dbacks Fire Gibson

On Friday the Dbacks decided to part ways with manager Kirk Gibson.   Many people wondered what Gibson’s fate was after the Dbacks reassigned, or fired depends on how you look at it, then General manager Kevin Towers. He was let go with just three regular season games remaining.  The Dbacks already had a press conference scheduled to introduce their new General Manager, Dave Stewart.  Needless to say the press conference turned out to be more out Gibson than Stewart.

The firing of Gibson makes sense and not because of the way this season has went for the Dbacks.  It makes sense because of the new President of the team, Tony La Rusa.  He wants to bring in his guys, guys he knows and has worked with before.  This was the reason Stewart was named general Manager.  The team’s new manager will most likely be somebody that La Russa knows and can trust and can, manager through.  A lot like Derek Fisher for Phil Jackson.

I don’t disagree with the move, let’s be honest this franchise needs a facelift.  What bothers me is the timing of the whole thing.  How are you going to have such faith in a guy that you plan to hire yet you announce a firing at the same time.  They should have let Gibson coach out the final three games of the season and fired him on Monday.  This would have allowed Stewart to be introduced to the Dback fans in a more positive manner. 

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