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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's Wrong With Thursday Night Football

So it's Thursday night, time for some football.  A few years ago the NFL stared having a game on Thursday nights in hopes to boost ratings.  This is the first season you can see the games on local T.V.  You can watch the games on CBS.  Like most players I don't like the NFL being on Thursday night.  I could give you many reasons, such as I work Friday and don't want to go to a sports bar to see it and be tired at work on Friday.  I could also tell you that it's because NFL seems to be more about making money than making fans.  But the real truth is this, I would rather watch high school football.
For those of you who don't know Cox Cable channel 7 shows a game every Thursday Night.  They call it the Game of the week and for the most part every game is a close exciting game.  High School football has become a very popular sport in Arizona and Cox has done a great job making it available to the public.  To me it is more exciting to see a kid playing high school football on T.V. for the first time, then an overpaid athlete that doesn't want to play on Thursday anyways.     

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