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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Friday Highlight: Aaron Joseph

This week we travel to Peoria, where we will find 16 year old Aaron Joseph.  At 6'1 215 lbs. the outside linebacker is a senior at Liberty High School.  He and the Lions are currently unbeaten at 4-0 and play Apollo High tonight.  He has emerged as one of the leaders on defense with 27 tackles and 1 forced fumble.  He also has 8 solo tackles.  Joseph wears number 44 and the way he is playing he will have that many tackles in the next 2 games.

Joseph has played football since eight grade and until this year has always been a lineman.  When He is on the field he has a mindset that nothing can stop him from doing his job and making the play.  This had made the transition from line to linebacker easier for him.  Off the field he is a completely different person.  He can't seem to get mad about anything, he is always in a good mood.  He enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with friend's watching football.  He feels than in order to play football in high school it takes lots of determination, commitment and trust. 

Joseph first stared playing football because his father wanted him to, but after the first snap he was hooked.  The love he has for the game is unmatched by anything he has ever felt.  He also loves playing the game because of the bond that has been created between him and his teammates, which continues to grow each year he plays.  In the classroom he is a great student.  He has all A's and B's so far this year.  He plans on going to college and playing in the NFL.  If that doesn't work out he plans to become a marine biologist.

Joseph loves being a Lion and takes pride in calling himself a member of the Liberty High School football team.  he loves the many traditions the team has.  A few of those traditions are reading there quote before each game, answering the bells when they have a home game and running out onto the field with The school flag and hammer before every game.  They even run a Gasser for every loss.  Now that's what I call tradition. 

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