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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Roger, Over And Out!

The big news from the sports world today comes to us from the NFL.  Police officials say that the NFL was given a tape of Ray Rice back in April.  In the tape Rice is seen cold cocking his now wife during an argument.  Rice punched his wife so hard that maybe he should be fighting Floyd Mayweather this Saturday.  Rice was suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell for two games after a first tape was released of Rice dragging the woman out of the elevator.  The second tape, or the knockout tape as I like to call it, came out a few days ago.  Goodell was on CBS just last night defending the NFL.  He says that he nor anyone else in the NFL never saw the tape until it was released by TMZ earlier this week. 
Today the news came out that the NFL was given a DVD copy back in April. A law enforcement official said the tape was sent in April and that there is a voicemail coming from a phone number in the NFL's offices with a woman's voice.  The Voice is heard thanking police for the tape and saying something to the effect of  "your right this is horrible".
In light of the news we heard earlier today regarding this situation Roger Goodell should be removed immediately.  He handled this situation wrong from day 1.  He even tried to save face by implementing a tough domestic violence policy that seems to be too little too late.  The fact of the matter is this no man should never put his hands on a woman out of anger, and it certainly should not be covered up by the boss.  I realize Ray Rice is in the wrong and there should be more focus on him.  We also need to hold the people accountable that can do something to help fix the problem.  I know Roger Goodell has said he will not resign so I hope the NFL decides to remove him as commissioner.  So to you MR. Commissioner I say "Roger, Over and out!

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