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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No Quarterback Controversy

The Arizona Cardinals are 3-0 and off to a great start to the 2014 season.  They have done so with great quarterback play by both starter Carson Palmer and backup Drew Stanton.  Palmer started the first game of the season on a Monday Night against the San Diego Chargers.  He had a great game throwing for 304 yards and two touchdowns.  His most impressive stat was his 29 yards rushing.  Palmer later joked that he hadn't run for that many yards since high school.  He kept plays and drives a live with his feet and was able to lead the Cardinals to victory.

A few hours before their week 2 game against the New York Giants it was announced that Carson Palmer and hurt his shoulder and would not be playing in the game.  There was no need to worry because Drew Stanton stepped and led his team to victory.  While he wasn't magical but he did what a backup was supposed to do, manage the game well and give your team the opportunity to win the game.  He threw for just 166 yards but threw two very important TD's that helped the Cardinals to a victory.  With Palmer still out he started again against the 49ers and continued where he left off.  This time throwing for 244 yards and adding 2 more touchdowns to his season total.  His best stat is his 0 interceptions in 2 games as the starter.

With the way the quarterbacks have played since future Hall Of Famer retired Stanton's play would definitely be a cause for a quarterback controversy.  But the Arizona Cardinals are different now a days.  They have a new General Manager and a new Coach that won't allow this to become a distraction for the tea.  They are sticking with Carson Palmer as the starter.  When he is ready to play he will get the start.  What makes this easier for fans to except is the Cardinals are winning games the old Cardinals wouldn't have.  Their high caliber offense and great playing calling is allowing the team to avoid any controversy that may arise of the quarterback situation.  The Cardinals have a problem that most teams would love to have.  Two quarterbacks that can take them to the playoffs.

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