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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More To Talk About In The NFL

About 2:00 PM Arizona time there came more news from the NFL.  Yes you guessed it, another player was arrested for domestic violence.  For the second time this year it happened to the Arizona Cardinals.  Jonathan Dwyer, a running back, is being questioned by Phoenix Police regarding allegations that he beat his.  Early reports are saying that he broke his wife's nose during an argument they had.  The report also says that the incident occurred "awhile" ago and Dwyer's wife saved the reports of her injuries.

The arrest was confirmed by multiple sources.  Most people are probably wondering why she waited and is now coming out with the abuse.  The other question is what are the Arizona Cardinals going to do and how long will it take them to address the situation?  I expect the cardinals to cut Jonathan Dwyer.  If this happens and Andre Ellington's foot doesn't hold up it could get real interesting for the Cardinals who are already thin at the running back position.

Regardless of how the matter ends up in the court system the fact is Jonathan Dwyer hit his wife and needs to be dismissed from the Arizona Cardinals. The fact that this is the second Cardinal to be involved in domestic violence in the last year is more reason to set a president here in Arizona.  Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim have the opportunity to tell the rest of the NFL "We are not going to stand for domestic violence in Arizona".

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